Top 6 Habits for Improvement Without a Pool: Life can definitely throw curve balls your way, but no matter the situation, there are opportunities to reset, adapt, and focus on your goals.

If you are struggling with finding access to a pool or are unable to swim for a period of time, there are few simple habits you can implement into your week to help improve your swim practice. 

Personally, I have had times in my life where I was unable to swim for a few months at a time (no access, injury, COVID-19) but it never stopped my improvement in the water. The thought of knowing swimming will always be here and the circumstances are temporary helps shift my focus away from the lack of a pool onto what I can control. 

It comes down to having the willingness to think outside the box by reading, studying, practicing out of the water, and being creative.

In this blog, I will discuss the importance of adapting a new routine and my top 6 habits you can implement now to help improve your training. You can practice these habits without the need of a pool!

Male swimmer going to practice in open water showing Top 6 Habits for Improvement Without a Pool.

The Importance of Adaptation

Having a routine is one of the most important fundamental habits to help maintain consistency and accountability towards your goals. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always happen in such a linear fashion, where you can facilitate a perfect routine week after week. 

There are always possibilities of roadblocks and “setbacks” that can unexpectedly be thrown in your direction. These situations can really throw you off both mentally and physically- it happens. Even though these moments exist, you still have an opportunity to adapt where it can benefit you in the long run.

Male stretching at the gym without the pool showing "Top 6 Habits for Swim Improvement"

Think about some of the luxuries we have. For example, the gym or maybe even a specific fitness class you are dedicated to. The only way to keep you motivated was to go to these types of facilities or classes. 

What if you no longer had access to these? How are you going to stay in shape?

Will working out from home be as motivating as the gym? Will you have the discipline to work through staying in shape without having those resources? 

If you have the willingness and the ability to adapt by starting a new routine, you will get where you want to be, and you will be able to accomplish what you are working towards. It is a fact. 

This is why it is important to have the mindset to remain persistent. It allows you to not become so dependent on any specific person, place, or thing.

Below, I have outlined my top 6 weekly habits you can start adding to your routine right now whether you have access to a pool or not!

SWIMVICE Infographic on Top 6 Habits for Improvement Without a Pool.
  1. Stay on top of your hydration: I know this seems simple, but start your day first thing by drinking at least 8 ounces of water. This will set the stage for you to continue to stay properly hydrated throughout the day. Not only will this habit help with your focus and energy, but you will also boost your basal metabolic rate ( how many calories you burn in a day during your resting state). Trust me your body will thank you for it!

  2. Write out your goals weekly and monthly: have a clear understanding of what your intent is for the day/week/month that will lead you to your overall goal. This will help outline exactly what you want to accomplish while keeping you accountable towards your goals.

  3. Outdoor Training: adding a conditioning/circuit workout 4-6 times a week with a recovery day(s) of stretching and foam rolling. Discipline is not built overnight, but it is critically built during the days you don’t want to get moving. Even when it feels difficult to get going, commit to a proper warm up, and the rest will follow.

  4. Technique Practice: 3-5 times a week. If you do not have a pool, your practice can be replaced with rehearsing technique at home or swimming in open water. Here’s an example below!

5. Steady Sleep Routine: go to bed and wake up at the same time every day to keep your routine consistent so you are able to get the right amount of rest to properly recover from the day.

6. Train Your Core: Add 20 minutes of core work to every workout you have weekly. The only way you will get stronger and more efficient in the water is to work on what stabilizes you through every movement.

The Importance of Adaptation

I hope this blog helps shed some light on how to adapt to challenges and finding ways you can control your path towards your swim goals. 

Remember, Don’t Get Caught Up in the Details

If you experience a setback(s) do not let it distract you. They can and will happen but continue to move forward and let it go. Time will pass and it matters much more to just get moving. You owe it to yourself ! 

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