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Swimming is a popular and highly beneficial form of exercise, offering a full-body workout while being gentle on the joints. However, achieving optimal performance and ensuring safety in the water greatly depend on mastering proper swimming technique. One aspect of technique that often goes unnoticed but plays a significant role in efficient swimming is ‘How to Form the Freestyle Catch!’ In this article, we will explore the importance of a proper catch, highlight the common mistake of dropping the elbow during the pull, and discuss how SWIMVICE can help you improve your technique.

The Essence of Proper Technique:

In swimming, keeping a streamlined body position is crucial for efficiency in the water. This position minimizes drag, helping swimmers move more effectively. To achieve this, various aspects of technique come into play, with one crucial element being the catch phase in freestyle.

The Proper Freestyle Catch:

The catch, in freestyle swimming, involves the initial movement of the arm as it enters the water. When done correctly, the swimmer’s hand enters with fingers pointing downward, while the forearm and elbow stay higher than the hand—a position often termed a ‘high elbow catch.’ This technique enables the swimmer to generate a stronger pulling force, maintain a longer stroke length, and maximize propulsion.

The Pitfall of the Improper Shoulder Pull:

Regrettably, many swimmers inadvertently commit a common mistake in the catch and pull phase by allowing their elbows to drop too low, leading to a ‘shoulder pull’ instead of maintaining a high elbow catch. This improper technique not only diminishes the stroke’s effectiveness but also heightens the risk of shoulder injuries. When the elbow drops, the arm tends to sweep sideways, failing to create a solid paddle-like surface for propelling the swimmer forward. Consequently, the swimmer expends more energy for less forward movement, resulting in suboptimal performance.

Women demonstrating How to form the freestyle catch! SWIMVICE

SWIMVICE: Your Path to Improved Technique:

Recognizing the paramount importance of proper technique in swimming, SWIMVICE stands out as a leading company specializing in swim coaching and analysis. Their mission is to assist swimmers of all levels in refining their technique through personalized coaching and expert analysis. SWIMVICE offers a range of valuable services, including private coaching sessions, stroke analysis, and customized training plans tailored to the individual swimmer’s needs and goals.

For those ready to elevate their freestyle technique, consider joining the SWIMVICE Freestyle Program. This comprehensive program is designed to guide swimmers of all levels through a structured training curriculum, with a specific focus on perfecting the high elbow catch. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced swimmer, the SWIMVICE Freestyle Program equips you with the tools and knowledge to flawlessly execute this crucial technique.

Advanced swimmers looking to enhance their speed and power in the water can explore the SWIMVICE Speed Program. This program delves into advanced training methodologies and provides targeted exercises to develop strength and efficiency in executing the high elbow catch. Join the SWIMVICE Speed Program to unlock your full potential in the water.

Open water swimmer demonstrating How to form the freestyle catch! SWIMVICE


In the realm of swimming, mastering proper technique is a crucial component for both safety and performance enhancement. The correct execution of the catch and pull phase in freestyle, specifically maintaining a high elbow catch, significantly contributes to optimal propulsion and stroke efficiency. SWIMVICE offers swimmers of all levels the opportunity to refine their technique through personalized coaching, stroke analysis, and customized training plans.

Join the SWIMVICE Freestyle Program today and experience the transformative power of proper technique in your swimming. For advanced swimmers, the SWIMVICE Speed Program awaits, providing a deep dive into the intricacies of executing the high elbow catch. With SWIMVICE by your side, unlock your swimming potential and turn your goals into a reality. Don’t wait; start your journey to swimming excellence with the SWIMVICE Freestyle Program by visiting

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