Elevate Your Swim Game


Elevate Your Swim Game


Dive Into The Ultimate Swim Experience

Unlock your swimming potential with expert-led coaching

What's Included In The SWIMVICE Membership

The SWIMVICE Community is a multi-course digital swim platform full of amazing features to support you with your swim training and includes the following benefits:

Engage with Others

You’ll join an exclusive on-line swim community. You will have the ability to create your own user profiles, connecting and engaging with swimmers from all over the world!

Improve Your Technique through Multiple Courses

You’ll get access to multiple digital video courses with plans designed to provide skills and strategies to help improve your swim technique.

Scheduled Livestreams

You’ll also get to participate in scheduled live streams. I will include live video analysis and swim topics related to each digital course.

Meet Your Coach

Meet Coach Mandy, the driving force behind the SWIMVICE Program! With over 15 years of experience as a USA Swimming certified coach, Coach Mandy is dedicated to helping swimmers of all ages and abilities achieve their full potential. Her passion for teaching stems from her own experience as a former competitive swimmer who suffered an injury due to poor technique. This experience inspired her to pursue a degree in exercise science and pre-physical therapy, and to develop a coaching philosophy focused on helping swimmers move properly and avoid injury. As a certified personal trainer and experienced swim coach, Coach Mandy takes a holistic approach to swim training, addressing both the physical and mental aspects of swimming. She is committed to teaching proper technique and form to help her swimmers perform at their best and enjoy swimming for years to come. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced swimmer, Coach Mandy's guidance and support will help you to swim smoother, faster and with more confidence!

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$199.99 / Year

Subscribe annually & save 33%

Courses Available Inside The SWIMVICE Platform

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