Are you looking to enhance your breaststroke technique and improve your body line in the water? Achieving a streamlined and efficient body position is crucial for mastering this stroke. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore how to improve your body line in breaststroke, focusing specifically on keeping your body on the surface during the kick phase. Elite swimmers consistently demonstrate this skill, as showcased in the recent SWIMVICE Pro Series. Join us as we dive into the key strategies and techniques to help you refine your breaststroke and glide through the water with precision.

1. Understanding the Importance of Body Line:

The body line refers to the alignment and posture of your body as you move through the water. In breaststroke, maintaining a horizontal body position is essential for minimizing drag and maximizing propulsion. A strong and streamlined body line enables you to move efficiently through the water, ultimately improving your overall performance.

2. Focus on Surface-Level Kicking:

During the kick phase of breaststroke, it’s crucial to keep your body on the surface of the water. Elite swimmers exhibit this skill effortlessly, showcasing smooth and powerful kicks that propel them forward without causing excessive drag. To achieve this, focus on the following techniques:

a. Proper Body Position: Start by ensuring that your body is positioned parallel to the surface of the water. Keep your head in line with your spine, and avoid lifting your hips or dipping your chest too low.

b. Engage Your Core: Activate your core muscles to stabilize your body and maintain a strong body line throughout the kick phase. This will help prevent your lower body from sinking and ensure that your kicks generate maximum propulsion.

c. Controlled Leg Movement: Pay close attention to the movement of your legs during the kick. Instead of kicking too deep or too wide, aim to keep your kicks compact and focused on the surface of the water. This will help minimize resistance and maintain forward momentum.

3. Analyzing Elite Swimmers:

Take inspiration from elite swimmers who demonstrate exceptional body line in breaststroke. Watch videos of top athletes in the SWIMVICE Pro Series, paying close attention to their technique and body position during the kick phase. Emulate their movements and strive to incorporate similar principles into your own swimming.


Improving your body line in breaststroke is essential for maximizing efficiency and speed in the water. By focusing on surface-level kicking and adopting proper technique, you can enhance your overall performance and move closer to achieving your swimming goals. Remember to practice consistently and analyze elite swimmers for inspiration and guidance. With dedication and perseverance, you can refine your breaststroke technique and elevate your swimming to new heights.

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