How to Kick Easier in Freestyle!

Freestyle is one of the most popular and efficient swimming strokes, but mastering the kick can be challenging for many swimmers. In this post, we’ll uncover a simple hack that can make your freestyle kick easier and more efficient. How to kick easier in freestyle! By focusing on purposeful kicking from your knees and experimenting with ankle flexion, you’ll better understand your body position and how to correct it by kicking from your hips with extended legs. Maintaining a high body line is crucial for an efficient kick. Additionally, we’ll introduce you to the two-beat kick, a technique that can further enhance your swimming efficiency.

The Simple Hack: Kicking with Purpose

To kick easier in freestyle, it’s essential to understand the mechanics of your kick. Here’s a straightforward hack to help you improve:

Step 1: Kick with Purpose from Your Knees

Start by swimming a length of the pool while focusing on kicking from your knees. This exercise helps you feel how your body position changes and the effects of improper kicking techniques. You’ll likely notice that kicking from your knees can make your legs sink and create more drag.

Step 2: Experiment with Ankle Flexion

Next, try flexing your ankles while you kick. This means pointing your toes upward and flexing your ankles to feel the impact on your body position. You may notice that this ankle flexion increases drag and makes your body position worse. However, this exercise is important as it helps you understand the negative effects of improper ankle positioning.

Step 3: Correcting the Kick

Once you’ve experienced the impact of ankle flexion, it’s time to correct your kick. Focus on kicking from your hips with extended legs and extended feet, avoiding any flexion in the ankles. This means keeping your toes pointed and your feet in line with your legs, which helps streamline your body and reduce drag. This technique engages the larger muscles in your hips and thighs, making your kick more powerful and efficient.

Step 4: Maintain a High Body Line

A high body line is essential for an efficient freestyle kick. By keeping your body horizontal and close to the surface of the water, you minimize drag and maximize your propulsion. Practice drills that help you maintain a high body position, such as kicking with a kickboard or doing body position exercises.

The Importance of the Two-Beat Kick

While the above hack will significantly improve your freestyle kick, there’s another technique that can make your swimming even more efficient: the two-beat kick. This technique involves kicking once per arm cycle, which is particularly effective for long-distance swimming as it conserves energy while maintaining speed.

Learn the Two-Beat Kick

Mastering the two-beat kick can transform your freestyle stroke, making it smoother and less tiring. To learn how to execute this technique correctly, consider taking an online course. The Kickstart Online Course offers comprehensive lessons on the two-beat kick and other advanced techniques to enhance your swimming performance.


Mastering how to kick easier in freestyle involves understanding and refining your technique. By practicing purposeful kicking from your knees, experimenting with ankle flexion, and correcting your kick to engage your hips with extended legs, you’ll notice significant improvements in your efficiency and power. Maintaining a high body line is also crucial to minimize drag and maximize propulsion.

Additionally, incorporating the two-beat kick can further enhance your freestyle swimming, making it smoother and less tiring, especially over long distances. To fully master these techniques and elevate your swimming skills, consider enrolling in the Kickstart Online Course.

With these strategies and continuous practice, you’ll be well on your way to achieving a more efficient and powerful freestyle kick. Dive into your training with confidence and enjoy the journey of becoming a better swimmer!

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