Feeling Exhausted Swimming Freestyle? Discover the Secrets to Optimal Performance and Energy Conservation!

Feeling exhausted swimming freestyle? Freestyle swimming is a dynamic sport that demands a combination of strength, technique, and endurance. This intense activity often prompts swimmers to neglect a crucial aspect – the turnover rate, denoting the number of strokes taken per minute. In this blog post, we explore the intricacies of low turnover versus high turnover in freestyle swimming. Emphasizing why finding the right balance is essential, we delve into how it contributes to achieving optimal performance while conserving energy.

Swimmers feeling exhausted while swimming freestyle.

The Pitfalls of High Turnover

Many swimmers may naturally adopt a high turnover rate in an attempt to generate more speed. However, this can lead to a range of issues that ultimately hinder performance:

1. Exhaustion and Fatigue:

Constantly churning through strokes at a high rate can lead to rapid exhaustion. The swimmer expends more energy, leading to quicker fatigue, which can ultimately slow down overall performance.

Female swimmer feeling exhausted while swimming freestyle

2. Loss of Streamlining:

High turnover often results in less streamlined body positioning in the water. This increased resistance makes it harder to move efficiently through the water.

3. Increased Stroke Count:

With a higher turnover, swimmers tend to take more strokes per length. This not only increases the effort required but can also lead to a less efficient stroke technique.

4. Heavier Kick

A high turnover rate often accompanies a more aggressive kick. While a powerful kick is essential, an excessive one can lead to increased drag and wasted energy.

The Benefits of Low Turnover

Conversely, a lower turnover rate can bring about several advantages:

Coach Mandy from SWIMVICE demonstrating how to not feel exhausted swimming freestyle

1. Improved Efficiency:

A lower turnover allows swimmers to focus on each stroke, ensuring that they move through the water in the most efficient manner possible.

2. Reduced Energy Consumption:

With fewer strokes required to cover the same distance, swimmers conserve energy. This leads to increased endurance and sustained performance over longer distances.

3. Enhanced Streamlining:

A slower, controlled stroke enables the swimmer to maintain a more streamlined body position, reducing drag and improving overall efficiency.

The SWIMIVCE Speed Program with Coach Mandy

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Finding the right balance between turnover rate and efficiency is crucial for freestyle swimmers looking to improve their performance. While a high turnover may feel fast, it often leads to wasted energy and decreased efficiency in the water. Embracing a lower turnover can lead to improved endurance, efficiency, and overall speed. Curious about optimizing your freestyle technique further? Join the SWIMVICE Speed Program or schedule a personal coaching session with Coach Mandy to take your swimming to the next level.

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