Freestyle Technique: A Guide on How to Breathe Easy and Eliminate Drag


Dive into the realm of efficient swimming where every stroke holds significance. If you’re looking to enhance your swim technique, one crucial aspect to focus on is how to breathe easy in freestyle. In this blog, we’ll delve into the art of breathing efficiently, with a special emphasis on maintaining the right line of sight—ensuring that you breathe easy while eliminating drag.

The Importance of Line of Sight in Freestyle Breathing:

Many swimmers unknowingly develop a common habit that hinders their performance – over-rotating and looking too high during the breathing phase. This not only disrupts the body’s alignment but also requires more effort, throwing you out of rhythm. The key to overcoming this challenge lies in keeping your line of sight lower, under the water.

Benefits of Staying Low and Focused:

1. Avoid Over Rotation:

By keeping your line of sight under the water, you prevent over-rotation. This is essential for maintaining balance and reducing resistance, allowing for smoother strokes.

2. Increased Speed:

Staying low and focused on your line of sight minimizes drag, leading to increased speed. The more streamlined your body, the less resistance you face as you move through the water.

3. Breathing in the Pocket:

Maintaining a lower line of sight ensures that your breathing remains in the pocket – the optimal position that allows you to take in air without disrupting your stroke. This helps you maintain a consistent rhythm and conserves energy.

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The art of breathing in freestyle swimming is a game-changer. By focusing on your line of sight and avoiding common pitfalls like over-rotation, you can eliminate drag, increase speed, and enjoy a smoother, more efficient swim. Take the plunge into better technique and join the SWIMVICE Freestyle Breathing Course today. Your improved performance is just a breath away!

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